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Brand Advantage: www.airparts.cn is the largest Aviation information network platform in China. Mainly to help buyers find what they want easily and timely, and also help sellers to promote their business. We are mainly based on the Chinese market,  The users cover all regions of the world's airlines, OEM and maintenance company, private aircraft owners from more than 60 countries worldwide.

Professional Advantage: Visitors of www.airparts.cn are all managers of middle and high level and insiders in aviation and aerospace industry, who enjoy strong decision right to purchase for enterprises.

Coverage Advantage: Services offered by Airparts.cn involves all industries related to aviation/aerospace industry. Airparts.cn is an existing aviation and aerospace information gateway in China with the most detailed and comprehensive classification on China aviation and aerospace industry.

Cost Advantage: Airparts.cn 's cost-effective advertising price ensures that advertisers succeed in China and around the world aviation and aerospace industry with the least cost.


Please contact us at :86-021-61558626
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